A customer portal that creates user-friendly,
memorable payment experience

Provide your customers with powerful, effortless solutions to make and manage payments.

Manual payments, automated

Give your customers a secure platform for web and mobile payments

Create seamless payment channels that are accessible online from anywhere. Allow your customers to pay via their preferred method by accepting payments through credit card, debit card, ACH, PayPal, and Stripe.

Brand your customer portal to create continuity and trust

Avnovo provides tiers of customization for branded payment interfaces, from the branded customer portal and receipts to completely customized payment domains.

One-click website integration

Add our single-click bill pay button to your website and link it directly to your customer portal for seamless integration that provides customers with a direct way to pay.

Increase the rate of customer bill pay by providing customers with Avnovo’s personalized customer portal.

Significantly reduce the cost of handling payments by getting rid of manual and paper-based processes.

Your business loses money every second it waits for payments, organizes payment methods, spends time staff collecting, assigns invoices, and manually deposit funds. Avnovo allows you to automate these steps without having to disrupt your current workflow or organizational infrastructure.

Simplified Savings

Whether you’re a startup, small business, or a well-established corporation, maintaining your bottom line is imperative to your organization’s success. When you get rid of paper checks, you unlock a host of cost-effective benefits.

avnovo self service portal for payment collection
  • Get rid of physical data entry

  • Avoid paying late fees and other potential fines

  • Boost operational effectiveness and productivity

  • Easily handle retry payments and exceptions

  • Manage the movement of your funds consistently

Overhaul your collections process through automated payment recovery campaigns

With automated payment recovery campaigns, your business can easily accept a wide variety of digital payments such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, Stripe, ACH, direct bank transfer, and more – effectively reducing internal processing and increasing the user experience.

Easily create payment collection campaigns and distribute them to a targeted list of people with one click.

Voice Broadcast + Payment Collection

Streamline your outbound calling capabilities to improve the payment collection experience while reducing internal headaches. You can make an unlimited number of calls at the same time without having to wait for phone lines to free up.

SMS Broadcast + Payment Links

Easily send out payment links en masse to a predetermined list of clients using SMS and email campaigns. With one click, your customers are taken to a branded customer portal through which they can easily and quickly complete their payments.

Increase AR Efficiency

Stop spending valuable employee time on tasks that can be automated. Free up your talented team for more growth-centric tasks.

Decrease Payment Friction

Make it easier on your employees and your customers with a streamlined, automated, and hassle-free payment process. Everyone will thank you for it!

Upcoming payments, scheduled and accessible

  • Simplified reporting

  • Enhanced visibility

Improve visibility of upcoming payments so customers can avoid surprise withdraws or unexpected charges.

Increase awareness of upcoming payments to remove friction regarding payment collection.
Access and download payment receipts in just a few clicks.
Improve communication among your business and your customers with intuitive interfaces.

Flexible Invoicing

Send notifications and completely automate invoice reminders.

Effective communications workflows

With Avnovo, it’s easy to automate receivables. You can completely customize the communication and workflow for optimal customer experience.

  • Define the type and frequency of communications

  • Input opt-in and opt-out features for both email and SMS communications

Add a convenience fee to improve your bottom line

Offset transaction fees by adding convenience fee processing to your customers’ transactions.

0 %

For credit card transactions

0 %

For ACH transactions

A customer dashboard that says it all

Give your customers access to essential data and account documentation all from one intuitive dashboard.

  • Display streamlined payment data on a customer dashboard that values transparency.

  • Review transactions, receipts, and payments at a glance.

  • Provide customers a convenient solution to managing their payments.

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