Providing industry-specific collection processing

Use a payment processor that understands industry needs and customer values to ensure on-time, successful payments.

Payment solutions for collection agencies

Increase the rate of successful collections for your agency through Avnovo’s user-friendly, automated solutions. Our secure payment gateways and the customer portal provide your business with agent-saving functionality while giving customers a stress-free method of resolving their debts.

Assisting healthcare debt collection agents

Receive payments for medical debts with a fast, simple payment solution that assists your healthcare debt collection agents in full. Avnovo allows you to accept payments in the method that fits your customer’s financial habits so they can feel comfortable and secure when managing their debt.

An all-in-one solution for debt buyers

Use our analytics and reports to understand customer debt, payment history, and a customer’s preferred method of interaction. With Avnovo, you can increase your debt collection rate through digital collection means, giving your customers direct means of making payments without wasting agent resources.

Ensuring payment for legal collections

Send reminders, save customer data, and use billing history to understand each customer and give a personal touch to their payment experience. Providing a personalized payment portal helps customers pay off legal debt with transparent information that keeps them on track.

Make payments a strategic advantage for your business

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