Our brand

View guidelines and assets related to the Avnovo brand.

Using the Avnovo wordmark

Below is our official primary logo, which should be used wherever necessary. Choose the color option that blends appropriately with your aesthetic.

Using the Avnovo logomark

You may use the below logomark for smaller spaces such as favicons and social profiles.

Our typography

The font and typography used across Avnovo materials (physical and digital) is Söhne, chosen because of its modernity and readability, representing Avnovo with each letter.

Our color identity

Avnovo uses Vivid Cerulean as its primary color along with a series of complementary colors chosen for its representation of security, futurism, trust, and innovation.

Legal guidelines for using our brand assets

The assets listed on this page are the exclusive property of Avnovo and cannot be altered in any way. A written agreement must be made regarding the use of our assets prior to usage.

Avnovo has the right to change these terms at any time. For questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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